the elegant collection

Thursday, December 1, 2016

give me all the sparkles!
some of the beauties are now in my shop
i wanted to share some inspirations with you all
i am currently having a pop-up on my vip page: lularoe | janelle monaco 
and have more on the way! 
i wanted to keep all the things
this is all so, so me
however, i have only kept that gold lucy skirt so far... but it's been so hard
i think pink is a great color to incorporate into the holiday season! 
especially with gold accents
what's on your wish list?
a scene from my shop

let me know if i can help at all! 
and hope you're enjoying the season so far
happy december... my very favorite month of all 

holiday shoes | zara

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

i am sharing two of my favorite things with you today... zara + shoes! when i traveled throughout europe ten years ago, zara was one of my favorite places to browse. they are incredible over there! everything is so cute and reasonable. their shoe collection is above and beyond... so i am sharing some of my very favorites with you today. there are tons of options- tons. 
how beautiful are these? i LOVE these so much 
but these- these are incredible! 
size 8, please
how cute for a wedding?

all of these are from zara 
which pair is your favorite? 

(this was post is not sponsored- just wanted to share my love!)

thanksgiving fashion inspirations

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

i created this collage as an inspiration for the holiday this week 
i am currently loving blush, camel, florals (always), neautrals, and pops of color on the lips! 
thanksgiving fashion

thanksgiving fashion 

what are you currently loving?

from day to night

Thursday, November 10, 2016

is anyone else in need of a good date night? 
i am loving this day to night look 
(although i love a fun pattern - pattern mixing tips here- i also adore a pretty neutral)

what are your favorite date ideas?

five tips for pattern mixing

Monday, November 7, 2016

 one of the many things i love about lularoe is the opportunity to pattern mix. the possibilities are endless. first and foremost, let me tell you... do not let this scare you. it's fun! and cute. add some color and bring some life to your outfit; in the same way that lipstick can brighten your smile. maybe start with lipstick... baby steps are ok. 

here are some inspirations and tips for pattern mixing
how to mix prints like an it-girl
cute inspiration for our 'cassie' skirt
stripes and dots - 'madison' skirt inspiration

tips for pattern mixing:

1. coordinate at least one color in common with both pieces 
2. try to vary the sizes of the patterns
3. accessorize to add pops of color (keep accessorizes plain if pieces are both patterned) 
4. mix a colorful pattern with a monochromatic pattern
5. polka dots and stripes (that have a common color) usually work great together! 
i have this skirt from modcloth and love, love it
stripes and florals is my favorite combo

hoping to share some lularoe pieces and options of my own very soon... 

  do you pattern mix?
...what are your tips...

and if not, what scares you?
i am here to help ... and would love to.

a november mood board

Friday, November 4, 2016

welcome, november! this is one of my very favorite months of the year. it's so beautiful here in the carolinas and i am looking forward to it. i put together this mood board in honor of a new month! i hope you enjoy it. you can click on the word 'november' below for information about how to purchase each item. 

things i am loving: 
+ anything knitted
+ camel colored anything
+ florals
+ bright orange lipstick
+ metallic gold
+ black cinnamon coffee
+ pumpkins - finally getting some this weekend! a long time coming. yay to a family day tomorrow
+ pastel framed glases
+ fun oxfords

what about you? 
what trends are you currently loving?

little fawns

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

this space will also be a place for clothes + styles for babies and kids. here is an inspiration board i put together of some pieces i currently love for the little fawns. i plan to share lots of great deals (pieces that fit every budget) and hope to collaborate with small businesses as well. 
fall fashion for the littles
fall fashion for the littles 

my new inventory comes today! in my lularoe boxes will be the start of my kids collection (leggings and mae dresses for girls) please follow my page if you are interested in these styles + inspirations! 

page | lularoe | janelle monaco

a lularoe journey

Friday, September 30, 2016

welcome! i hope this blog finds you joy and a renewed love of fashion as i begin this exciting journey. i think that's why this company is so popular right now. the clothes are fun, trendy, reasonable and super cute. they all fit so well on a variety of body types and are giving women and young girls a new sense of confidence. when you feel confident, you are able to be successful and proud of your accomplishments. i feel that clothes have a way of bringing us comfort, joy, security and so much more- and lularoe encompasses all of these attributes. you really can't go wrong with lularoe and the possibilities. every consultant has different patterns and sizes so if you find something you love, snatch it up! i already love being able to collaborate with other lularoe consultants and love that anyone can buy from anyone. once you find the styles you love most; ones that fit you so well, the sky is the limit. you can get creative with all of the combinations, pattern mixing, and style options. i am here to help you with all of that. my overall goal is to help you feel beautiful. because you deserve that- and so much more. please join my facebook group {here} for all of my latest inventory and for updates and lots of giveaways. thank you for joining me on this much anticipated journey. 
ps: don't forget about yesterday's giveaway 
thank you already for all of the love. 

fawn + linen inspiration board

Thursday, September 29, 2016

fawn + linen

welcome to fawn + linen!

i put together this inspiration board in honor of the launch of this little space. i hope you enjoy it. i am hoping this is a place where my love for being a mom + a #girlboss can come together. i am excited to share my recent finds, outfits, shops, and ideas for both mommas and babies. i hope you enjoy this space and thank you for the support.

the name, fawn + linen, came from my deep love for my son; fawn (my little baby, in his first year), whom i not only want to tell every day that he can accomplish anything, but i also want to show him. this brings me to linen; the new launch of my own clothing boutique through the company lularoe. lularoe creates stylish, modest, colorful, reasonable and comfortable clothes for women and girls of all sizes. i plan to share both journeys with you all on here (and everything in between regarding my fashion | style!)

simply love will remain my space for my lifestyle {candid photos, small gatherings, decor, health + wellness, travels, food, etc.

stop in tomorrow for more about my lularoe journey; a journey i have been dreaming about for exactly one year now. and it's finally happening! yay

for now you can head on over to my facebook page (LulaRoe | Janelle Monaco) for a chance to win $100 worth of free clothes. all are welcome to enter. the giveaway ends on sunday, october 16. all you have to do it 'like' my shop page for the opportunity to win!

i am so glad you are here.