welcome and hello! 
i am janelle

i fell in love with lularoe the moment i saw it. i love that the clothes are trendy, cute, and comfortable.  but what i loved most was the confidence i continued to see from women that were wearing the clothes. cute clothes breed confidence. i am here to tell you that you are enough and i hope to be here to help you in any way that i can. 

i hope to share inspirations for many women, encouraging many along the way. however, my most important reason is for my little boy. i want him to see that it is possible to take risks and accomplish your dreams. i want him to see a mom working hard to accomplish family dreams. side by side, i want him to learn that life requires work and when you put your heart into something, anything is possible. 

i am so excited about this journey and hope to be able to spend every moment with my son while also being a part of a community of people who are also working towards the same goals. i want to challenge myself to become a better person every single day. 

if you would like to collaborate, please email me at: janellemonaco.lularoe@gmail.com 
(i would love to connect!!) 

thank you for supporting me and my family. 

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