five tips for pattern mixing

Monday, November 7, 2016

 one of the many things i love about lularoe is the opportunity to pattern mix. the possibilities are endless. first and foremost, let me tell you... do not let this scare you. it's fun! and cute. add some color and bring some life to your outfit; in the same way that lipstick can brighten your smile. maybe start with lipstick... baby steps are ok. 

here are some inspirations and tips for pattern mixing
how to mix prints like an it-girl
cute inspiration for our 'cassie' skirt
stripes and dots - 'madison' skirt inspiration

tips for pattern mixing:

1. coordinate at least one color in common with both pieces 
2. try to vary the sizes of the patterns
3. accessorize to add pops of color (keep accessorizes plain if pieces are both patterned) 
4. mix a colorful pattern with a monochromatic pattern
5. polka dots and stripes (that have a common color) usually work great together! 
i have this skirt from modcloth and love, love it
stripes and florals is my favorite combo

hoping to share some lularoe pieces and options of my own very soon... 

  do you pattern mix?
...what are your tips...

and if not, what scares you?
i am here to help ... and would love to.

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  1. Love this post Janelle. Makes me want one of everything.