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I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to share with you their amazing opportunity. LuLaRoe is growing and the word about how amazing our clothing is starting to really get out. This is a great time to become a Fashion Consultant! What makes LuLaRoe so different then other direct sales company? There are so many things that make LuLaRoe unique; Here are a few things you should know: 
1. No Catalogs. There are no catalogs to order from, each consultant orders and carries their own inventory, consultants select the styles and sizes they want to carry and LuLaRoe ships the order with random prints and of course some solids. This means that as consultants we do not select the prints and cannot re-order a print in different sizes etc... Since each consultant carries their own inventory, there is no pressure to try and out sale or out preform other consultants; because your inventory is different then theirs. Instead of consultants being in a competition with each other, we work together, building our businesses and relationships. 
2. Prints are Limited. LuLaRoe designs all their own prints, They have a in house designer, LuLaRoe Pro "Patrick" whom is very talented and has designed for top celebrities and fortune 500 companies. Since we have our own design team that creates each print, you wont see them in any other stores. To make things even more fun they also limit the run of each print to no more then 2,500 pieces per print. For consultants this is amazing, because every time you order inventory you'll see new prints. 
3. Generous profits. Fashion Consultants can make a really good income selling LuLaRoe, Ask any of the consultants whom have been selling for atleast a couple of months. Yes, you can make a living doing this. 

4. Flexibility. Since you're a fashion consultant running your own business, you get to set the hours that work; So whats best for YOU and YOUR family. No more missing out on family time. 

5. Rewarding. LuLaRoe is more rewarding then just making a living; You get to help women build confidence and feel comfortable with who they are, and thats unique. You'll build relationships with your customers, your team, and the amazing home office staff. 

6. FUN. Because feeling comfortable in your clothes should be fun, finding a print you love should be fun, seeing the smiles on the faces of your customers, family and friends should be fun. Because LuLaRoe is FUN.

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